The Ministry of Hajj is the regulator of Umrah Agents.


  • Ministry of Hajj (MoH) – Umrah division
  • Local (KSA) Tour Operator (UO) – Approved by MoH
  • South African (External Agent) IATA approved (EA)
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  •  The KSA operator (UO) and the SA operator (EA) enter into a Memorandum of Understanding/ contract (3 copies) for approval by the MoH.
  • Such MoU / contract is notarised and approved by the KSA Embassy.
  • Thereafter lodged with the MoH for approval.
  • Thereafter, one copy of the contract retained by MoH; one copy to the UO; the third copy to the KSA Embassy in Pretoria.
  • A username and password is then issued to the EA by the Embassy.
  • Once approved, a bank guarantee of SAR 200 000 is raised by the SA agent (EA) in favour of the Umrah Operator in KSA. (UO).
  • The SA operator then gets access to the KSA operator system following approval by the MoH.
  • Accommodation and transportation is tentatively arranged by the KSA agent (UO) in conjunction with flight bookings by the SA agent (EA).
  • The MOFA number is then requested through the MOFA system by EA through access permission via the approved system.

NO other operating process is allowed to access or request visas for Umrah except approved by MoH as indicated above.