SAHUC members meet Shaikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz as-Sudais

SAHUC members meet Shaikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz as-Sudais

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Today Wednesday the 17th of July 2019 SAHUC officials were invited by the head of the two sacred mosques Makkah and Medinah, Shaikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz as-Sudais in his private office next to the prophets mosque صلى الله عليه وسلم

He greeted the gathering of head of missions from Asia, Africa and Europe. He thanked the government of Saudi Arabia as well as every one participating, for their efforts in serving every single Haji regardless of race, color, Arab or non Arab.

The shaikh made clear that the reason of us meeting in the holy lands is only because of Islam and brotherhood which is from the teachings of Al Islam. We should convey this message to all of our agents and all our hujaaj that we should work together to fulfill this great act of ibadah (worship) and we should overlook our different backgrounds whether geographically or religiously (different madhabs) but our love to Makkah and Medina should have preference in order to fulfill our goals. No political agendas should be promoted and the safety of every Haji must always be ensured.

At the end of the gathering the shaikh shook hands with SAHUC members : Mr Kassim, Medina co-ordinator, his deputy Mr Muneer Bangie and the translator Mr Rida Flepp.