The Accreditation Process

Accreditation is dictated by the protocol agreement signed by the Ministry of Hajj of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the South African Hajj and Umrah Council.


1.1 Accreditation will be granted on a first come first served basis (date and time priority for first-time applicants only). Applicants will be queued based on the applicant’s score, or the average group score in the case of a group application; the date and time of application; and the complete payment of registration fees.

1.2 With regard to the registration fee: please ensure that the reference used accords with the reference issued by SAHUC. This is of paramount importance in order for the SAHUC system to reconcile with the payment.

1.3 A registration list will be published on the SAHUC website to indicate an applicants position in the queue.


2.1 Factors that will affect the position in the list include the following:

2.1.1 Marriage

2.1.2 Death

2.1.3 The linking of individuals based on mahram request

2.1.4 Delinking of individuals based on repeat versus first timers

2.1.5 Date of payment

2.1.6 Deferrals/cancellations of accreditations


3.1 The registration list is a dynamic one that can result in one’s position in the queue to fluctuate due to the circumstances listed above.  A date is set, after which, no further appeals or requests are considered, which then renders the application list as finite before the list is audited and the applicants are subsequently accredited.

4. The Scoring System

4.1 All hajjis start with 100 points.

4.2 If you younger than 18yrs and older than 15yrs you will have 5 points deducted. (Family score will be averaged).

4.3 A repeat hajji will be scored as follows: If previous hajj performed in the last:

4.3.1    1 – 5 yrs – minus 50 points

4.3.2   6 – 10 yrs – minus 40 points

4.3.3   11 – 15 yrs – minus 30 points

4.3.4   15 yrs+ – minus 20 points

4.4 An additional 10 points will be deducted for every hajj performed.

4.5 Where a repeat male applicant serves as a Mahram to his wife and or female members of his family who are all 1st-time hajjis, he will score 100 points.

4.6 A repeat male serving as Mahram to a combination of 1st time and repeat hajjis in his family group will not be eligible for the 100 points. The repeat rule will apply and the group’s score will be averaged.



5.1 To ensure complete transparency and integrity within SAHUC of all registration and accreditation processes, an external verification is carried out on the registration system prior to the release of accreditation.


6.1 SAHUC may request an applicant to furnish proof of funds before accreditation is granted.

6.2 Applicants will be sorted and accredited by their first-time status on a date and time priority basis.

6.3 Repeat male applicants will only be considered for accreditation if serving as a Mahram.

6.4 Repeat female applicants will only be considered if they had previously performed Hajj at an age younger than 15 years of age. Proof thereof must be furnished by the applicant.

6.5 Hajj will be considered to have been performed, should it be established that an applicant performed hajj previously, through information furnished by the KSA Embassy or Muassasah. This will affect the accreditation of the applicant accordingly.

6.6 Applicants will be informed of their accreditation by SMS.


7.1 Once a person has been accredited, one of two steps may be taken by the applicant:

7.1.1 : Acceptance: Acceptance must be within the time stipulated by SAHUC which will be communicated to the applicant via an SMS. The applicant will accept by logging into the online portal, accepting accreditation, and paying the accreditation fee stipulated in the SMS.

7.1.2 Deference: Persons not ready for Hajj may defer their application. This means that the applicant is placed back in the queue on the date of application without any penalty. Again, this would be done online by the applicant logging into the portal and selecting transfer. A person is only allowed to defer for three consecutive years, after which SAHUC may cancel the application.  

If neither action 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 is taken, then SAHUC reserves the right to cancel the accreditation, with a penalty. The applicant’s score will be subject to a deduction of  30 points for non-performance.


8.1 Following the acceptance of the accreditation, the applicant will then have to choose a hajj operator from the SAHUC accredited hajj operator list, within the time stipulated by SAHUC, which will be communicated to the applicant via SMS after payment of the SAHUC fee.

8.2 Applicants then have fourteen days, from the date of selection, to finalise a contract with their chosen hajj operator. Failing this, the hajj operator and/or SAHUC has the right to remove the applicant from the operators portal on the SAHUC system. SAHUC also reserves the right to revoke the applicant’s accreditation, and reduce his/her score by 30 points. This timeframe for contracting will be reduced as the Hajj period draws closer, and will be determined by SAHUC.

8.3 If an applicant is accredited, due to a cancellation received at a stage where deadlines are passed with the Ministry of Hajj e-HAJJ system, the applicant will then have to commit to that specific operator, on whose portal a cancellation had occurred.

8.4 If a hajj operator fails to contract a minimum number of 50 pilgrims Hajji’s falling under said operator will be asked to contract with an alternate accredited operator.


9.1 A Hajji may change his/her chosen operator by following the process detailed in 8.2 and subject to conditions listed in 8.3, provided no contract was entered into with the hajj operator selected.

9.2 A written submission must be made to SAHUC by the applicant which includes the following:

9.2.1.  A letter from the hajj operator confirming that no contract was entered into.

9.2.2 The applicant must provide reasons for the change.

9.3 Once an accredited hajji is removed from a Hajj Operator portal, the applicant will be given three (3) days to contract another hajj operator. If a contract was concluded and the applicant wants to change the chosen operator, this will be subject to cancellation fees as per the contract.


10.1 All accreditations that are deferred or cancelled will be filled by the next applicant in the queue, on a date and time basis.  

10.2 In order to meet the deadline set by the Ministry of Hajj, the National Hajj Accreditation Committee (NHAC) reserves the right to establish a time range within which applicants fall, which will be used to fill spaces created by cancellations.

10.3 Accreditation fees paid to SAHUC may either be returned to the hajji on request in writing, or credited to the applicant’s account. In the event of no directive from the applicant having being made in respect of these fees, SAHUC may use these fees in its normal course of business until a request for a refund.

10.4 Monies paid to any operator, are subject to the cancellation clause stipulated in the contract between the applicant and operator.


11.1 Motivations and appeals based on medical reasons will not be entertained.

11.2 Motivations and appeals for caregivers will not be entertained.

11.3 Motivations for those over the age of 80 will be considered provided they are in a complete
state of health.

11.4 No swapping of accreditation will be allowed.

11.5 No accreditation to repeat applicants unless serving as a mahram.