Hajj Role Players

Ministry of Hajj

  •  Responsible for the arrangements of hajj as decreed by the Central Hajj Committee who receives from the Diwaan al Maliki.


  • ( Also known as Muassasah responsible for Makkah) – South Africa falls under the Africa non-Arab speaking countries Muassasah. This office looks after circa 480 000 pilgrims from African non-Arabic speaking countries. The role encompasses the receipt of Hujjaj, allocation of busses, inspection of accommodations, safe-custody of pilgrims’ passports, provision of field service offices that carry out the service to the pilgrims during the 5 days of Hajj.


  •  Group associated with providing bussing for pilgrims from basic to luxury. All operators sign contracts directly with the Naqaabah for their bussing requirements.


  • ( Also known as the United Agents Office) – Responsible for the financial receipts of Tanazzul and the proper distribution thereof to the bus companies, baggage handlers etc.

National Adilla

  • (The Muassasah responsible for Madinah) – Ensure every pilgrim is received and recorded in Madinah, also ensure that adequate accommodation is provided for each pilgrim according to the contracts.

E-Hajj system

  • Electronic hajj system recording all financial, contractual and also pilgrim information for the said hajj period. Note no visa is issued until all processes are concluded ( this is done by the Hajj Operator).

Accredited Hajj Operators

  • These are companies that have been through an accreditation process via SAHUC, the accredited Hajj Operator will have satisfied all of SAHUC’s requirements to prove his / her ability to operate in the field of Hajj for the benefit and well-being of the Hajji.


  • Is the approved entity ( By the SA and KSA Government) that administers all the requirements which are set forth in the agreement signed between the Ministry of Hajj, its affiliates ( listed above) and SAHUC.