Feedback From Y.R

Feedback From Y.R



Trust this email finds you well. 

With regards to this year which alhumdullah we were blessed to have been there . 

Our journey started off when we arrived at jhb international airport. 

We were greeted by the travel operator as well as members of sahuc who guided us to the check in counter.  

Once we passed passport control again we were greeted by a member of Sahuc. 

We then landed at Dubai international and it was our first time so we were not familiar with the DXB airport. 

Alhumdullah with us on board we had Brother Muaaz Casoo from Sahuc who assisted and helped us at DXB airport until we checked in. 

Had Muaaz not assisted us we would probably missed our flight.  

Firstly we thank Allah who has chosen Muaaz Casoo to assist us. 

Once we landed madina airport again greeted by Sahuc officials as well as operator. 

Muneer Bangie and his team were amazing in Madina. 

Always visible and frequent met the members of Sahuc at the hotel which we stayed known as Rove madina. 

Again once we boarded our bus to makkah again Sahuc was there to see us off and make sure everything is correct. 

We arrived in Makkah and once again greeted by Shaheen and his team. 

What was amazing is that Shaheen used to talk to the hujaaj and give us advise on the 5 days of Hajj. 

In makkah I had to use the service of the sahuc clinic. 

Truly remarkable.  

We then went to azizia and again I used clinic.  

Not sure of the Dr name  but a Dr worth distinction alhumdullah.  

The 5 days of hajj sahuc was in top form. 

Mina we remember the Tang juice. 

Arafat giving umbrellas.Muaaz handing out snack boxes for muzdalifa. 

What was truly inspiring the leader of Sahuc Shaheen leading the crowd for pelting and making it easy for along with his team with the flags all over.  

On the 6th day of pelting I seen Muaaz Casoo assisting a family who either fainted or week assisting the family on route back to hotel. 

This journey was remarkable and we make shukr to allah for allowing this opportunity.  

I would like to thank Nazeem Adam’s as well for a truly remarkable gentleman on the ground. 

He really a  dedicated field worker who knows and understand the responsibilities.  

He is a truly remarkable man . 

Shukr our hajj operator was Kaps who I will highly recommend to anyone. 

The khadims were amazing  and helpful. 

May Allah bless all the hajj operators and khaadims as well as sahuc for a job well done in a short period of time .