Feedback From S.H

Feedback From S.H


Assalamu alaikum 

I was fortunate this year to be part of those chosen by Allah to perform Hajj. I am externally grateful for the opportunity,  for those that supported us, made it possible and for those that were with us on the journey. SAHUC, like our operator KAPS, was there, part of our journey.  

I would like to say thank you to all at SAHUC that were part of the mission that supported us this year. The medical team for all that they did for all Hujaaj. To all the other support staff for ensuring that we were fine at all the check points and hotels. 

There will always be challenges on a journey such as Hajj and ours was no different. Looking back, there were many reasons for this. I am not familiar with the processes specifically during the 5 days, as it relates to what the Saudi authorities are meant to provide I think. It is more feedback hopefully to ensure things can be improved. 

From S.H