Feedback From A.L

Feedback From A.L


By the Grace of Allah I was invited to perform Hajj this year 1443. My agent was Al Hussaam travel. The agent was excellent and met all my expectations as a Hujjaj. They were on top of their game.  

Sahuc field workers male and female were excellent. They were just everywhere we went. They were visible and always ready to assist. The medical volunteers were great. They were well informed of the prevalent conditions and knew what South Africans needed. They always ready to assist and displayed great care for the patients.  

I was really impressed and the cherry on the cake was when I landed at OR Tambo a Sahuc representative was there to see we are fine. Now that’s something. In my personal opinion without Sahuc and the South African travel agents Hajj for the South African Hujjaj would be a challenge. 

From A.L