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Feedback From S.H


Assalamu alaikum 

I was fortunate this year to be part of those chosen by Allah to perform Hajj. I am externally grateful for the opportunity,  for those that supported us, made it possible and for those that were with us on the journey. SAHUC, like our operator KAPS, was there, part of our journey.  

I would like to say thank you to all at SAHUC that were part of the mission that supported us this year. The medical team for all that they did for all Hujaaj. To all the other support staff for ensuring that we were fine at all the check points and hotels. 

There will always be challenges on a journey such as Hajj and ours was no different. Looking back, there were many reasons for this. I am not familiar with the processes specifically during the 5 days, as it relates to what the Saudi authorities are meant to provide I think. It is more feedback hopefully to ensure things can be improved. 

From S.H

Feedback From A.L


By the Grace of Allah I was invited to perform Hajj this year 1443. My agent was Al Hussaam travel. The agent was excellent and met all my expectations as a Hujjaj. They were on top of their game.  

Sahuc field workers male and female were excellent. They were just everywhere we went. They were visible and always ready to assist. The medical volunteers were great. They were well informed of the prevalent conditions and knew what South Africans needed. They always ready to assist and displayed great care for the patients.  

I was really impressed and the cherry on the cake was when I landed at OR Tambo a Sahuc representative was there to see we are fine. Now that’s something. In my personal opinion without Sahuc and the South African travel agents Hajj for the South African Hujjaj would be a challenge. 

From A.L

Feedback From A.J


I would like give special Shukran and Duah SAHUC, staff and associated role-players in their efforts to resolve any challenges – but also to recognise the manner in which they conducted themselves and the efforts shown in planning for this journey, and there effort to ensure an easier path for all of us, along this journey.  A special duah for the medical teams, who worked tirelessly and was available all hrs to attend to the needs of the Hujaaj. They provided medication and services which far exceeds the value of the SAHUC fees. So as much as it feels the registration fees is pricey – SAHUC has delivered on it promise to take care of its Hujaaj.  Whether it was the medical team or the helpers at the airport or various locations in Medinah, Makkah, Mina & Azziziah.  Staff of SAHUC provided assistance from day 1 – pre-Hajj even before I signed up with the operator.  I saw how SAHUC, management and staff work and commend them for efforts and intentions and sometimes also helping operators in fulfilling there duties and responsibilities. So I made duah for your success, health strength and future endeavours. Ameen. 

From A.J

Feedback From S.V


Alhamdullilah, though the Grace of Allah Swt my wife and I completed our Fardh Hajj. We are fortunate that our stay in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was comfortable and spiritually rejuvenating. We went with the Al Hussam group for the 4 week package. 

I must salute and commend SAHUC and all its staff members from their leadership to their medical personal for a sterling job. Our stay in Mina was really good and we were in Camp D, so was Arafat.  

My wife and I did a walking Hajj, this was done because of the virtues associated with doing so and we are also physically fit individuals. Prior to taking this enormous decision we prepared physically and also mentally.  

From S.V

Feedback From T.E


Assalamualykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatu  

I just wanted to know send this mail to really thank SAHUC for this entire journey. 

I know when we’re on the other side, it’s easy to create opinions, but I think this Hajj and the involvement SAHUC had from the start to the end of this journey has been phenomenal  

Thank you so much for everything, all along the way it is truly appreciated  

May Allah continue to bless the organisation and reward everyone involved in abundance Shukran so much again  

From: T. E

Feedback From T.M


I would really like to thank Sahuc for assisting the hujjaj.  I strongly believe that having Sahuc members assisting during the trip was a huge asset.  Experiencing it 1st hand makes one realise how much Sahuc is really doing, Shukr Alhamdulillah.  Jzklh khair for all of Sahuc’s efforts.  

From T.M 

Feedback From M.D


The Secretary General  Hassan Choonara 

We would like to express our  gratitude and appreciation to both Sahuc and our Hajj Operator Khidmathul Awam Pilgrim Services. 

Both were with us every step of the way and if there were any hiccups we all experienced them together. 

Kaps personal were on hand or cellphone at all times day and night and answered our questions with respect and care. We were well looked after and enjoyed the sense of family especially in Aziziya.  

As for SAHUC, words cannot express our gratitude to them. To see those familiar vests when you get off at your final destination beyond tired was an absolute blessing. 

They guided us to our next step everytime. 

The medical team was amazing.  

Every member was on hand to help especially Hajj time. 

They worked tirelessly for us and I think we should appreciate Sahuc and its members. They are selfless in their dedication. 

Jazakallah Khair to all those involved and may Allah accept from all of us. In Shaa Allah.AMEEN. 


Feedback From Z.M


Assalaamu Alaikum Hassan  

Mine is not a complaint but just to say Shukr to the team from SAHUC for all that they have done for me during my HAJ. A special Shukr to Shaheen whom I have had the privilege to watch in action and whom personally assisted me on this journey. A debt I can only repay through dua. To the SAHUC team, the work you do is invaluable and I cannot express what it means to have you all as our guardians in the kingdom. TO the SAHUC medical team, I have enjoyed their kindness for which I am eternally grateful and may the Almighty grant the entire SAHUC team abundance in dhunya and aaghirah Insha Allah. 

From Z.M

Feedback From M.M


I hope this email finds you all well, and well rested after a very busy period indeed. 

I don’t even know where to begin. Alhamdullilah the last 5 weeks have the most illuminating, amazing weeks of my life. We have experienced a journey of a lifetime, and I would like to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank each and every one of those that have made it possible. We are fully aware that our invite came from Allah SWT but he has blessed all you with the ability to facilitate this invitation, and ensure that our journey was memorable and pleasurable. 

I must commend and thank the team at Al Hussam/HWT for providing us with excellent service, wonderful hotels, meals, transfers and experiences. You were excellent hosts in the Kingdom and ensured that we had everything taken care of so that we could focus on the spiritual aspects of the trip. To all of you in front of the scenes and behind the scenes, Jazakallah Khair, May Allah accept your efforts, bless you in your rozi, and allow you to continue to perform this act. 

To the SAHUC team, I would like to commend Br Shaheen and all of his team that we met, and interacted with, that made our journey so easy. We really did feel supported from the moment we landed in Madinah, through to Makkah, Azizia, onto the days of Hajj and upon our return. It filled me with comfort knowing that help was always at hand if needed. Dr Razia and her medical team were superb when I felt a little unwell and they had me up and running within 2 days of getting ill. I believe that the South African Hujaaj are very fortunate to have the dedication of the SAHUC team and agents helping us along the journey. I believe that a lot of opinion and criticism is misguided with respect to SAHUC and I have certainly in my interactions tried to make people in SA understand the important role both SAHUC and the agents play on this journey. I cannot even fathom what it will be like trying to arrange of the logistics and movement on your own. We are spoilt and blessed, and we must seek to uphold and support these institutions, and of course provide feedback and criticism where it helps to improve the hujaaj’s experience. 

A special thanks to Ml Bham for his wonderful guidance, advice, teaching, and presence. We were truly blessed to be in his company and I derived a lot of benefit from this.   

Last but not least, the true star of the show, Ml Suheil. Your dedication, hard work, energy, and vivaciousness is inspirational. I don’t know how you have so much energy to get things done, but you always delivered. Our logistics were seamless, and made so easy due to your organisational skills. When I tell people how we managed to get things accomplished, within the time frames, and ease at which we did it, people hardly believe it, and it is in no small part thanks to you, and I am sure many others working together on this. May Allah SWT continue to bless you and allow you to do this wonderful job that you do. 

If I have forgotten anyone, please know that all your efforts are recognised. We ask for maaf for any shortcomings on our side and if we made things difficult in any way. 
From M.M

Feedback From Y.R



Trust this email finds you well. 

With regards to this year which alhumdullah we were blessed to have been there . 

Our journey started off when we arrived at jhb international airport. 

We were greeted by the travel operator as well as members of sahuc who guided us to the check in counter.  

Once we passed passport control again we were greeted by a member of Sahuc. 

We then landed at Dubai international and it was our first time so we were not familiar with the DXB airport. 

Alhumdullah with us on board we had Brother Muaaz Casoo from Sahuc who assisted and helped us at DXB airport until we checked in. 

Had Muaaz not assisted us we would probably missed our flight.  

Firstly we thank Allah who has chosen Muaaz Casoo to assist us. 

Once we landed madina airport again greeted by Sahuc officials as well as operator. 

Muneer Bangie and his team were amazing in Madina. 

Always visible and frequent met the members of Sahuc at the hotel which we stayed known as Rove madina. 

Again once we boarded our bus to makkah again Sahuc was there to see us off and make sure everything is correct. 

We arrived in Makkah and once again greeted by Shaheen and his team. 

What was amazing is that Shaheen used to talk to the hujaaj and give us advise on the 5 days of Hajj. 

In makkah I had to use the service of the sahuc clinic. 

Truly remarkable.  

We then went to azizia and again I used clinic.  

Not sure of the Dr name  but a Dr worth distinction alhumdullah.  

The 5 days of hajj sahuc was in top form. 

Mina we remember the Tang juice. 

Arafat giving umbrellas.Muaaz handing out snack boxes for muzdalifa. 

What was truly inspiring the leader of Sahuc Shaheen leading the crowd for pelting and making it easy for along with his team with the flags all over.  

On the 6th day of pelting I seen Muaaz Casoo assisting a family who either fainted or week assisting the family on route back to hotel. 

This journey was remarkable and we make shukr to allah for allowing this opportunity.  

I would like to thank Nazeem Adam’s as well for a truly remarkable gentleman on the ground. 

He really a  dedicated field worker who knows and understand the responsibilities.  

He is a truly remarkable man . 

Shukr our hajj operator was Kaps who I will highly recommend to anyone. 

The khadims were amazing  and helpful. 

May Allah bless all the hajj operators and khaadims as well as sahuc for a job well done in a short period of time .