Corporate Governance


The South African Hajj & Umrah Council (SAHUC) is a Registered PBO # 930060856

The current structure of SAHUC is based on organisational membership nationally. There are 26 member organisations who make up the core National General Council (NGC). The number of representatives of each member organisation on the NGC is currently two (2). The responsibilities of the NGC includes, inter alia:

  • Constituting the Board of SAHUC;
  • Determining the scope of the functions of the Board of SAHUC;
  • Amend the Constitution of SAHUC, should the need arise;
  • Appointing the auditors of SAHUC;
  • Approving the annual financial statements of SAHUC;
  • Electing the office bearers of the Board of SAHUC;
  • Determining the framework for and oversee the governance of SAHUC;
  • Approving membership criteria for organisations and individuals who are co-opted or who apply for membership of SAHUC;
  • Determining and reviewing any fees levied by SAHUC.

NGC Member Organisations of SAHUC

  • 1 Africa Muslims Agency
  • 2 Al Ansaar Foundation
  • 3 Al Ansaar Radio
  • 4 Avitrec
  • 5 AWQAF South Africa
  • 6 Central Islamic Trust
  • 7 Crescent of Hope
  • 8 Dar Ul Ihsan
  • 9 Islamic Council of SA
  • 10 Islamic Dawah Movement
  • 11 Islamic Forum
  • 12 Islamic Research Centre
  • 13 Islamic Society Centre
  • 14 Jamiatul Ulama KZN
  • 15 Jamiatul Ulama South Africa
  • 16 Lenz South Muslim Assoc.
  • 17 Majlisus Shura Al Islami
  • 18 Muslim Assembly
  • 29 Muslim Judicial Council
  • 20 Muslim Youth Movement
  • 21 Sunni Jamiat Ulama
  • 22 Sunni Ulama Council
  • 23 United Ulama Council of SA
  • 24 RAUF
  • 25 Eastern Cape Islamic Congress
  • 26 Daarul Qur’aan Institute

Board of SAHUC

The Board of SAHUC appoints committees to assist it in the performance of its   functions and duties. It may appoint Board, General Council or

Provincial Committee Members or any other persons who are not members of any of the above organs of SAHUC, to such Committees.

Composition of the Board of SAHUC:

  1. President: Mr. Shaheen Essop
  2. 1st Deputy President: Sheikh Adam Macheso Maseko
  3. 2nd Deputy President: Hafiz Ismail Kholvadia
  4. Secretary General: Hafiz Moaaz Casoo
  5. Assistant Secretary General: Hafiz Hassan Choonara
  6. Treasurer: Mr. Asif Essop
  7. Assistant Treasurer: Hafiz Bilal Saloojee
  8. Cape Town Chairperson: Sheikh Riad Fataar
  9. Johannesburg Chairperson: Mr.Abdul Rehman Dajee
  10. Kwa Zulu Natal Chairperson: Moulana Mohammed Ameer
  11. Elected by General Council: Qari Moosa Seedat
  12. Elected by General Council: Mr. Yusuf Cassim
  13. Elected by General Council: Mr. Mohammed Groenewald

The Board of SAHUC appoints any of the following committees, inter alia:

  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Disciplinary and Legal Committee
  • Hajj and Umrah Regulatory Committee
  • Hajj and Medical Mission Committee
  • National Hajj Accreditation Committee
  • National Hajj and Umrah Operators Accreditation Committee

Provincial Executive Committees

The Board of SAHUC ensures that the Provincial Committees operate in terms of the Constitution and that the PEC’s are guided by the policy

framework laid down by the Board of SAHUC from time to time.

The Board of SAHUC determines the mandate and prescribes the terms of reference for the PEC’s.

As and when needed, the Board of SAHUC delegates such of its powers and responsibilities to the PEC’s to enable them to carry out their mandate.